Strategic Plan

Our future is bright. Our strategic direction is ambitious.

We reached out to Contexture customers and other health information exchange (HIE) stakeholders — and we listened. The outcome? We designed our future direction based on what they requested and what we believe we can deliver.

Our Mission

Advancing individual and community health and wellness through the delivery of actionable information and analysis.

Our North Star

Participants recognize the value of HIE and want Contexture data to be so comprehensive that they don’t question completeness and they don’t have to go anywhere else to get it.

Key Themes

  • HIE should be required

  • Enhance outreach and education activities

  • Onboard as many participants as possible

  • Maintain ongoing data quality efforts

  • Keep people in their workflows

  • Have patient data from all over the US

  • Integrate additional data

  • Unlock the data

  • Participants want data to do analytics

  • Integrate social determinants & closed-loop referrals

  • One-stop-shopping for public health integration

  • The HIE has a role in patient access

Strategic Plan

In response to stakeholder interviews, we’ve identified 26 initiatives designed to improve and expand data sets and how they’re accessed.

Expand the HIE network.

  • Add underrepresented participant types

  • Add missing data types

  • Integrate physical, behavioral and Part 2 data

  • Expand permitted uses
  • Integrate public health data exchange
  • Develop participant-specific product bundles
  • Expand quality measures
  • Continue data quality efforts
  • Develop resource availability tools
  • Regionalize patient representation
  • Pursue additional HIE expansion
  • Evaluate and expand additional exchange networks

Design and implement a modern data platform supporting current and future data and data access needs.

  • Provide multiple access delivery methods
  • Provide defined datasets and self-defined data access

  • Integrate disparate data types
  • Provide visualization tools, reports and data downloads

  • Develop an architecture that supports additional opportunities
  • Develop an architecture that supports the migration of current products and tools

Develop a responsive organization.

  • Develop world-class customer service
  • Develop robust outreach to communicate clear value proposition and return on investment
  • Develop a comprehensive total rewards program
  • Implement a comprehensive performance management program
  • Create a workforce that reflects the strategies and needs of the organization
  • Promote upward mobility and ongoing career development
  • Embody diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strategies

  • Build and maintain a privacy and security governance and operations program to protect the organization’s assets

Moving Forward

While we believe that we will get traction on many of the proposed initiatives, not all items will be fully realized or implemented by 2025. Some will continue into the next three years, and some may not move forward after further due diligence.