Data Analytics

Delivering the data and expert services to help healthcare organizations manage risk, improve population health and enhance care management.

Data from within your health system is an important source in understanding risk, improving care transitions and improving reimbursements – but it can be limiting. Collaborating with an HIE like Contexture can enhance your analytics program with a more robust data set.

Contexture has efforts underway to finalize a scalable data platform that meets the analytics needs of our healthcare community – including predictive analytics, precision medicine and research analysis. Our goal is to support both structured and unstructured data requests and provide visualization tools such as dashboards and reports. We have partnerships and projects underway to build out our dataset with additional clinical data, such as claims, behavioral health and social determinants of health.

Data for Your Analytics Program

For health information exchange participants in Colorado and Arizona, Contexture can provide data to help organizations that wish to set up a new risk-management program or software. We can match your patient or member list to our database of historical clinical data from all of the major hospitals and laboratories in the states we serve.

Recent Projects

Contexture contracted with HHS-ONC to develop proof of concept dashboards to aggregate COVID-19 lab and immunization data across 15+ HIEs in the country. The following dashboards were developed to explore the feasibility of several HIEs coming together utilizing their existing structures.

COVID-19 Lab Dashboard

COVID-19 Immunization Dashboard