Arizona HIE Participant Network

Search the map to locate organizations participating in the Contexture network in Arizona, including physician offices, labs, imaging centers, long-term and post-acute care, hospitals and more. You can download the entire list as well.

For more details, reach out to your engagement solutions manager for a comprehensive list of data types available in the Arizona network.


Human body, Petal, Material property, Font, Symmetry, Pattern, Carmine, Circle, Magenta, TriangleRed indicates locations with one HIE participant.

Eye, Iris, Eyelash, Art, Gas, Font, Electric blue, Circle, Symmetry, PatternBlue indicates locations with multiple HIE participants.

There are three ways to filter information:

  • “Filter by” includes a drop-down menu of HIE participant types in the state. Your selection yields a list of organizations below the map.
  • Zoom into a specific location on the map and click on the pinpoint.
  • Enter an organization name in the “Search” box under the map. Result(s) will show in the list below the map.

Contexture Arizona HIE Participant Network, Total: 1,119

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