State Health Agency Innovation Through HIE

The Public-Private Partnership of the Future – Contexture delivers long-term HIE solutions for Medicaid and public health

Contexture, the largest health information exchange in the west, conducted a study to identify how state Medicaid and public health programs can transform care for the communities they serve through health information exchange (HIE) collaboration. Based on in-depth HIE stakeholder interviews, we captured a compelling snapshot of how HIEs currently support government agencies across the nation. We identified three tiers of Priority Use Cases of HIE to help state Medicaid and public health programs innovate for the future and designed a five-year strategic plan to advance these use cases in Arizona.

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HIE Enabled Strategic Plan

Between July and December 2021, we conducted 36 interviews across 33 organizations representing a cross-section of the Arizona healthcare system, as well as experts from other state agencies and HIEs in the nation. These interviews helped identify 190 potential use cases for the HIE to support the goals of the healthcare system, with most benefiting both Medicaid and public health. We then met with state agency leadership in multiple workshops to identify a prioritized list of 22 use cases in the three case-type categories of Foundational, Data Analytics as a Service, and Care Coordination & Smart Alerts.

Five-Year Strategic Plan

Based on this analysis, we developed a five-year strategic plan (2021 – 2025) for HIE-enabled Medicaid and public health use cases. Contexture and its state agency partners are currently implementing the plan and regularly convene to evaluate progress and consider additional use cases for the future. Other states can utilize this approach to effectively partner between their health related agencies and their HIE to advance innovative, value-added use cases for their communities and populations. toxins.


HIE serves as the backbone for real-time data sharing, yet challenges still exist in sharing across the healthcare ecosystem. Integrated data systems support population health analytics and connect individuals to community resources. This helps address social determinants of health (SDOH) to reduce health disparities and promote health equity.

This five-year-strategic plan presents a vision for addressing these challenges and more. Contexture has the experience and expertise to create the public-private partnership of the future to help deliver long-term HIE solutions for Medicaid and public health innovation.

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