North Mountain Medical & Rehab Center is 300th Health Current Participant

Published On: May 8, 2017

North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center became the 300th Health Current participant this past week. North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center, a long-term care facility located in north Phoenix, is a part of the Ensign Group, a national affiliation of more than 250 post-acute care facilities which has added its 21 long term care facilities in Arizona to Health Current. This brings the total of long-term care facilities participating in Health Current to 46.

Health Current is not only rapidly growing the total number of participants, but it is also growing the types of connected facilities and providers across the healthcare community. Bayless Healthcare Group, an integrated community healthcare provider with multiple specialties utilizing new technologies to improve the patient experience, became the 100th Health Current participant in March 2016, and the Sun City Fire Department, a first responder organization, became the 200th Health Current participant in September 2016.  The addition of a long-term care facility as the 300th Health Current participant is an indication of the scope and breadth of Arizona’s health information exchange (HIE), now the nation’s fastest growing HIE with growth of more than 800 percent over the past two years.