Health Current User Volume Growth Spurs Upgrades

Published On: July 28, 2017

Health Current is experiencing significant growth in participation and user volume. While this is good news for Health Current, its participants and our integrated healthcare community, this growth in volume puts stress on our system and requires upgrades and enhancements to our HIE platform.

Health Current’s growth is not just significant – the growth of more than 830 percent growth over the past two years has made us the fastest growing HIE in the nation. We have seen growth not only in user and transaction volumes but also in number of data message formats, such as the exchange of continuity of care documents (CCDs). In addition, several programs and initiatives have required accelerated implementations and connectivity for our participants and Health Current to receive funding which is compounding the demand for system resources and capacities.

To accommodate this unprecedented growth, we have several short term or immediate steps as well as long-term plans in place to improve system performance, increase transaction throughput, and implement an effective approach to monitoring system resource utilization and system capacity expansion. Our aim at Health Current is to help participants integrate information with the delivery of care and make healthcare transformation possible. A key to this objective is making the right decisions at the right time regarding additional resources and technology solutions. We are confident that our plans will allow us to deliver valuable services not only in the coming weeks but also for years to come.

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