Growth in Participants, Operations Mark Anniversary of New Technology Platform

Published On: March 29, 2016

Just one year ago this week, on April 1, 2015, the Network launched a new technology platform, powered by Mirth Corporation, and made possible by a collaborative effort of hundreds of health care stakeholders across the state who participated in the review of a new platform and services. The new technology platform brought a set of new services and promised an exciting future, but no one anticipated the unprecedented growth in participants and operations in its first year, according to Mike Mote, Chief Information Officer, for Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHeC) who directed the move to the new platform.Mirth Logo

“We expected that the new services and the new value that we were bringing to The Network would have a positive impact, but no one expected the kind of year that we have had,” Mote said. One year ago, The Network included 33 participants, and as of last week the number of participants has grown to 105 with the addition of two hospital systems, Dignity Health and IASIS Healthcare along with Mountain View Pediatrics and Heart & Vascular Center of Arizona. The real impressive growth, however, has been in operations. The number of active implementation projects has more than tripled, and operations numbers show The Network to be one of the fastest growing networks in the country, with clinical data today on 5.9 million patients. To provide a more accurate view of the ongoing growth of operations numbers, The Network has begun to report operations numbers on the basis of a rolling 12 months. (See Network by the Numbers)

The Network continues to see weekly growth in participation. Current participants include 105 entities, including:

  • 31 Community Provider Organization
  • 18 Health Systems & Hospitals (72% of inpatient discharges)
  • 17 Behavioral Health Organizations
  • 12 Health Plans
  • 6 State & Local Government Organizations
  • 3 Accountable Care Organizations
  • 2 Reference Labs & Imaging Centers
  • 1 HIE

To see a full list of Network participants click here. To learn more about Network Services click here.

If you would like to learn more about The Network or are interested in becoming a Network participant, contact us at or call (602) 688-7200.