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We work to improve heathcare with health information technology that puts patients first. Your Health Records, where & when you need them.

Health information technology can help provide a more complete and accurate picture of your medical records.

No matter where you seek medical treatment, providers can securely access your health information at the point of care if they participate in their local health information exchange. This improves the care you receive by allowing your healthcare professional to make informed care decisions, especially in emergency situations.

What We Do

Contexture operates a health information exchange in Arizona and Colorado. HIEs are supported by the healthcare community because it gives qualified medical professionals access to accurate, up-to-date patient information, which helps them provide better quality care.

For example, if you’re taken to an emergency room after a serious accident, and you’re unable to clearly communicate your medical information, the doctors or nurses can use the HIE system to make sure you’re not allergic to a medication they’re about to give you.

Patient Benefits of Health Information Exchange

Your medical information can be digitally shared across the healthcare network. Having your information included in the health information exchange can help healthcare providers deliver better care and could save your life.

Saves Time & Lives

In an emergency, medical professionals can use the HIE to instantly access your important health records, including allergies, medications and medical conditions. This information helps doctors provide better care, and in some cases, may help save lives.

  • Saves time in an emergency situation.

  • Improves your care by giving your healthcare team access to your records.

Enhanced Decision Making

The HIE allows one participant (for example, a doctor) to quickly locate records from another participant (for example, a hospital.) This can be critical in an emergency situation and results in your healthcare provider having a more complete and accurate medical history. When a doctor has access to a patient’s complete health information, they can provide better diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

  • Helps healthcare providers make faster decisions.

  • Improves the accuracy and completeness of a patient’s medical history.

Avoid Duplicate Tests

The HIE can also reduce healthcare costs by eliminating unnecessary duplication of tests and procedures. For example, if a doctor can look up a recent blood test and view the results on the computer, a new test won’t be needed because the doctor has all the information needed to proceed. This also helps you avoid the hassle, discomfort and additional out-of-pocket costs that may be associated with medical tests. It also means that your health information follows you if you change doctors or see a specialist for care.

  • Helps you avoid repeating expensive and uncomfortable medical tests.

  • Secures your medical records in one place so different doctors can access them.

Quicker Test Results

The HIE provides your doctors with fast access to results from previous blood tests, X-rays, MRIs and other medical tests. Without information and data exchange, your care could be delayed if your doctor needs to contact other care providers to request copies of your test results, or your doctor might suggest tests be repeated simply because the information isn’t available.

  • Avoids delays in care while waiting for test results.

  • Helps healthcare providers focus on your care instead of chasing down test results.

How You Participate

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The Contexture Arizona and Colorado health information exchanges offer many benefits to patients, but your participation is voluntary — you get to choose whether you want your information included.

If your care providers participate in your local HIE, they’re required to notify you of their participation. When you visit a participating provider, you’ll receive a notice requesting your consent to share your information with the health information exchange, which may accompany the provider’s HIPAA privacy notification.

You Can Decide

You can decide whether your health information is shared through the health information exchange. You can elect not to share your health information – this is called “opting out.” Should you wish to not share your medical information with the HIE, you can opt out through your provider. By making this choice, your medical information will not be accessible to providers who use the HIE tools.

Patient Privacy

At Contexture, we understand your privacy is important. We take every necessary precaution to keep your health information secure and protected. Your information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This privacy rule gives you rights and sets limits on how your medical information can be shared with other organizations.

Moreover, we have layers of added security and safeguards in place to ensure your personal information is not accessed by unauthorized individuals or entities.