COVID-19 Immunization Data Transfer to the Arizona HIE Now Underway

Published On: June 30, 2021

Health Current Supports the Pandemic Response with COVID-19 Immunization Data

We are in this together. The COVID-19 vaccine is an essential tool in the fight to end the pandemic. Individuals across the state are rolling up their sleeves to help protect themselves, their family and their communities.

With COVID-19 immunization data now flowing to the HIE, the Health Current team is committed to supporting the Arizona healthcare community with real-time data access.

We are currently uploading historical information from the Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS) beginning with the earliest vaccines administered in January 2021. As of today, this data is not complete however the Health Current team anticipates completing this historical data load by late July. Healthcare providers should check the portal frequently to obtain the latest updates for their patients.

IMPORTANT: Access to ASIIS immunization data is being made available to HIE participants thanks to a combination of new legislative language passed during the 2021 session with SB1505 and additional language included in the Governor’s most recent Enhanced Surveillance Advisory (Executive Order: 2021-14, issued June 1, 2021). If the Enhanced Surveillance Advisory is not renewed or is terminated in the coming weeks or months, access to the ASIIS immunization data via the HIE will be paused until further legislative changes can be passed in 2022 that allow ongoing access.

Immunization data shared by HIEs offers several benefits:

  • Proven effective in the fight against seasonal flu, shingles, and other infectious diseases;
  • Helps speed the collection of vaccine data and allows the healthcare community to assemble a clearer picture of at-risk populations; and
  • Reduces the amount of paperwork involved in immunization tracking and frees clinical staff to pursue other patient care activities.

Arizona COVID-19 immunization data from Health Current is offered in the following formats: 

Available today:

  • The HIE Portal– simply access the HIE portal to see if a patient your organization serves has received the COVID-19 vaccine. This status will be reflected in the immunization section of Portal patient record.

Coming soon:

  • Alerts
    • Real-time or batch alerts based on an existing patient panel; or
    • Dynamic alerts triggered by an emergency department visit.
  • COVID-19 Immunization Data Reporting(Alert summary reports and extracts).

Start accessing COVID-19 Immunization Data today.

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