CORHIO Experiences Triple-Digit Growth in 2014

Published On: February 5, 2015

The CORHIO Health Information Exchange Increases Its Network Size and Data Available to Providers for a Third Consecutive Year; Expands Improvements in Patient Care

DENVER, Colo. – February 5, 2015 – CORHIO, the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization, announced today that the number of participating health care users and data available in the network grew by 111% and 118% respectively in 2014. This marks the third consecutive year of triple-digit growth rates for the Colorado health information exchange (HIE) organization.

Details of CORHIO’s network growth from 2011 to 2014 are:





Active Providers/Users Accessing the HIE





Hospitals Connected





Clinical Messages

2.4 Million

37.4 Million

102.4 Million

223.6 Million

*Numbers are cumulative

The CORHIO HIE gives physicians and other community-based health care providers secure access to important health information about their patients including hospital discharge notifications, lab test results, physician transcription reports, referral information, and X-ray, MRI and other imaging reports.

The increase in health care provider participation and data exchange in the CORHIO network represents an increase in the number of patients experiencing better health care quality and coordination as a result of health information being available to their providers. The information is helping to improve health care providers’ clinical decision making, reducing the number of unnecessary tests and procedures performed, decreasing avoidable hospitalizations and saving money.

“The growth of our health information exchange network is a testament to the strong leadership shown by health care organizations and providers across the state of Colorado,” said Morgan Honea, chief executive officer at CORHIO. “Together with our partners and participants, we are building an advanced health information technology infrastructure that will enable one of the most integrated, efficient and effective health care systems in the country.”


The CORHIO HIE is one of the largest and most robust health information exchange networks in the United States, containing information for more than four million unique patients. Forty-seven hospitals, more than 2,000 doctors, 24 behavioral health centers, four large medical laboratories and the state health department are currently connected to the CORHIO HIE, with hundreds of additional health care providers and dozens of organizations in the process of connecting. For a list of all participating providers, visit

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