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Who can use CommunityCares?

Entities that are based in or provide services in Arizona and who fall into one of the following categories are eligible to receive free or subsidized access to the Arizona CommunityCares social determinants of health network:

  • Health care providers
  • Health plans
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Clinically integrated networks
  • Public health authorities
  • State governmental agencies or bodies with a health care focus in Arizona
  • Local and county health departments
  • Public and private schools
  • Community-based organizations.
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How much does CommunityCares cost?

Contexture has contracted with Unite Us to purchase and distribute licenses for certain organizations, as well as local and state governmental bodies and agencies in Arizona, to access and use the Unite Us Network as part of the CommunityCares program. Contexture charges no participation or service fees for use of the CommunityCares Services at this time. Organizations will have access to standard licenses and dashboards, which includes access to send and receive closed-loop referrals, screening and assessments, resource directory, Insights Data Dashboards and data exports. Organizations interested in other services, including system integration, may be subject to added costs.

What is a CLRS?

CLRS, or closed-loop referral system, is a single, statewide technology platform that enables information sharing between health care providers and social services. The CLRS streamlines referral sending and receiving while also tracking outcomes.

Why should someone use CommunityCares and not another CLRS?

CommunityCares is offered as a free, statewide solution to support whole-person care across Arizona. By participating in the CommunityCares program, your organization will have access to a statewide network of resources. Additionally, Contexture supports the program with technical assistance, shares best practices and provides individualized onboarding and training in partnership with Unite Us. Other CLRS systems can be costly and lack the statewide network that CommunityCares offers across Arizona.

Is CommunityCares difficult to use? What is entailed when accessing the platform?

CommunityCares is powered by Unite Us, a cross-sector collaboration software powered by community. Unite Us is an intuitive, easy-to-use technology platform that supports meaningful collaboration, community-wide care coordination and secure, bidirectional data sharing. For more information about Unite Us, please visit

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What are the benefits of using CLRS?

CommunityCares connects healthcare and community service providers to one statewide system. It streamlines the referral process and allows organizations to keep track of the people they are helping. The program will provide updates and confirmation on services delivered, and offers an up-to-date statewide resource directory via 2-1-1 Solari Crisis and Human Services. Additionally, organizations will have access to data tracking, analytics and outcome measures.

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