Patient Rights Process Toolkit Revised for HIE Participants

Published On: January 27, 2017

Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHeC) integrates three types of information; physical health information, general behavioral health information and information regarding substance abuse treatment in one statewide health information exchange (HIE).  This integration has required the revision of instructions and materials for HIE participants on how to protect patient rights under state and federal law.

All three types of health information are covered by Arizona’s health information organization (HIO) law, which allows patients to “opt out” and choose not to have their information shared through the HIE.  In addition, special federal protection – 42 CFR Part 2 (Part 2) – covers substance abuse treatment information. Access to Part 2 Data is available only when a patient gives consent for a particular provider to access the information, or in an emergency.

To help patients and providers better understand the Patient Rights Process, including Part 2 consent, AzHeC has created a Patient Rights Process video which describes a patient’s rights under state and federal law and how their information is securely shared through providers connected the HIE. The Patient Rights Process Toolkit provides a Summary of the Patient Rights Process, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and sample forms to assist healthcare providers in setting up the Patient Rights Process required by state and federal law. In addition to this Toolkit, AzHeC provides hands-on assistance to providers to integrate an efficient and effective Patient Rights Process into their operations.

If you have any questions about the Patient Rights Process or implementing the Patient Rights Process in your practice, please contact Health Current, formerly Arizona Health-e Connection (AzHeC) at 602-688-7200 or